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Vegan, organic mummy & baby

I am a big advocate of delicious green breakfast shakes, combined with a daily menu of raw, sugar-free and dairy-free foods. Due to my own personal experiences with food intolerances and years of searching for great alternatives (having transformed my previous food palette favourites of doughnuts and french fries to avocados and cocoa), I feel passionate about sharing fun, simple recipes that the entire family can enjoy. 

As a former elite athlete, there was a time when I could train twice a day and run 16.11 for a 5K and 33.43 for a 10K. Now, with a 1 year old and 3 year old, finding the time & energy to do even a few sit-ups can be a squeeze, so I understand how busy parenting can be and that life is often a juggling act. I understand that time is precious, and how important it is to maintain balance. That’s why I’m busy working with a team of experts to create time-conscious, beautifully packaged programmes that encompass diet, exercise and the power of the mind, to bring a holistic approach to wellbeing. I also have plans to launch a very special range of personalised pamper boxes, containing luxury vegan products and handmade treats, for those few moments when mums get to pause! 

I am excited at the prospect of launching the collection on this page very soon.

Susie Dee xx


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