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A/W Capsule Wardrobe

8 Classic, beautful Autumn/Winter pieces to interchange

Vintage Style Dress (Upcycled Denim Light Blue)

Vintage Style Dress (Upcycled Denim Dark Blue)

Hand Knitted Snuggle Cardigan

Vintage Style Bloomers (Upcycled Denim Dark Blue)

Vintage Style Mint Bloomers (Organic Denim)

Vintage Style Interchangable Flares (Upcycled Denim)

Organic Cotton Smock Top (Purple)

Organic Cotton Smock Top (Mint)


Why we love it

Made by hand in England from 100% organic cotton & recycled denim, these vintage style pieces are beautiful in their simplicity. Designed with complimenting limited edition fabric they can create 12 different stunning outfit combinations. They make the perfect winter wardrobe and the collection, a uniquely special gift.


With the option to come beautifully personalised in a recycled, luxury cream gift box to treasure with a matching card and envelope (which we can write for you!) and clothing tags, this gift is a one-of-a-kind and to be remembered.


How your purchase helps to change the world

  • By shopping consciously you help to minimise the demand for 'fast fashion' and the devastating effects this has on people & the environment around the world.
  • The organic cotton we use is friendly on the environment & hasn’t been made using harmful chemicals & pesticides which are used during the manufacturing of many items of clothing 
  • The beautifully up-cycled denim helps to minimise the amount of clothing ending up in land-fills each year, making the world a better & safer place for the little one you're buying for & so many more
  • Wth your help, we support a women's co-op in India by buying organic cotton & bamboo muslins & bags (available in our 'Baby Whites & Creams' collection) which pays fairly & provides a safe working environment
  • Women in England are given the opportunity to work flexibly from home & therefore have more time to spend with their children, families or simply invest in their own personal development
  • The special gift you buy has the option of coming beautifully packaged to treasure to celebrate little ones uniqueness, amazing potential & build confidence as they embark on the journey of life
  • With your sale we are able to gift a motivational handbook to a young girl or vulnerable woman & also provide workshops to inspire & encourage change. Thank you!


We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. – Mother Teresa

A/W Capsule Wardrobe

  • Your item will be made by hand to order. We want to ensure it's just right and personalised especially for you. Our standard delivery time is 7–10 business working days. We will however always endeavour to send it sooner if possible. If you would like it urgently, please don't hesitate to email us and we will always do our very best to meet your request.


    For free hand-delivery within the SW14 or RG17 postcode, please use voucher code HANDDELIVER.

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