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Sourcing our collections

The fast-fashion culture we’ve grown so accustomed to is harming people and our environment in the most devastating ways. 

Sourcing new fabrics ethically and organically & upcycling denim & other fabric gems from across London & beyond, we do our very best to ensure that people & the environment are not harmed during our creation process. We believe no-one should be exploited in order for our collections to be made. Fabrics are hand-dyed using 100% natural fruits and vegetables. Then, eco inks are used to create each individually hand-printed pattern. Our Capsule Wardrobe Collections are designed with a simple, yet beautiful approach to life in-mind.


Collections made by hand in SW London

Alongside enhancing our wellbeing collectively via the Love Me Wellbeing Programme and Oasis Hour, our team come together to create our capsule collections. We seek to provide a simple, yet beautiful creative outlet for all who join us and, an incredible sense of fulfilment and joy when what we produce helps to change, inspire and encourage lives.

Our Organic Cotton and Bamboo Muslins and Bags are sewn in Kerala, India by a women's co-op called Gramodaya and it is our privilege to work with them. 


Personalisation and style

We love to create one-of-kind pieces, for one-of-a-kind little ones. We're passionate about helping to ensure children are raised to be confident and nutured early on to realise their incredible potential. If we know the name of the mother or child receiving the gift we are able to personalise the tags and (recycled) gift box & card to help create a gift to treasure. 


Giving at the heart

Through our Take 7 Simple Steps wellbeing programme, we seek to encourage & inspire. Find out more on 'Our Giving' page.

Creating the change we want to see with simple, beautiful style


This is just the beginning of our journey. We would love your support on our journey as this project organically and ethically grows. Follow us on social media....

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