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Unique, personalised baby and children's gifts, clothing, cards and boxes ethically designed and made by Susie Bush

We believe every little girl when she is born is like a beautiful flower. Some like daisy's, others like roses, different, but equally beautiful. And they all have the most amazing petals, unique character traits, gifts and talents, that will take them places, if they're well watered and nourished in good soil.


However growing up surrounded by images of perfection and exposed to the seasonal storms and disappointments that often come with life, weeds of self doubt, perhaps loss of confidence may try to rise up, and she may forget, just how beautiful, special and unique she is...

But, with the help of positive thinking, a renewed mind-set, determination and support, we believe she can blossom into the beautiful flower she was always created to be.. 

 Our Love Me programme exists to help play a part. More details coming soon!

We show fun and simplistic exercise routines aimed at increasing fitness
of young women are held back by low self-esteem*
*Edelman Intelligence 2017
We illustrate how images can be enhanced by the media to portray unrealistic perfection
A poor body image makes girls less assertive and risks health
We introduce 'superfoods' in a creative way to encourage healthy eating
of UK women are overweight
or obese*
*NHS 2015 
We demonstrate just how powerful thoughts and words spoken are with artistic activities
with positive mind-sets are more likely to attain their ambitions
We gift personalised handbooks to inspire the writing down of goals and dreams and more!
We gift personalised handbooks to inspire the writing down of goals and dreams and more!

We are excited to partner with charities, schools and churches to launch our programme this Spring.
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