I am a big advocate of delicious green breakfast shakes, combined with a daily menu of raw, sugar-free and dairy-free foods. Due to my own personal experiences with food intolerances and years of searching for great alternatives. I feel passionate about sharing fun, simple recipes that the entire family can enjoy. 

As a former elite athlete, there was a time when I could train twice a day. Now, with a 1 year old and 3 year old, finding the time & energy to do even a few sit-ups can be a squeeze, so I understand how busy parenting can be and that life is often a juggling act. I understand that time is precious, and how important it is to maintain balance. That’s why I’m busy working on a special range of personalised pamper boxes, for those few moments when we get to pause! 

I am excited at the prospect of launching the collection on this page very soon.

Susie Dee xx


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